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Our Staff

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 Andrea Oshima photo,
Andrea Oshima
 Bartels, Lindsay photo,
Bartels, Lindsay
 Brakebill, Shea photo,
Brakebill, Shea
 Burton, James photo,
Burton, James
 Carlson, Barbara photo,
Carlson, Barbara
 Chelsea Morris photo,
Chelsea Morris
 Churchill, Nichole photo,
Churchill, Nichole
 Donna Bilek photo,
Donna Bilek
 Ferrelli, Cheryl photo,
Ferrelli, Cheryl
 Flanegan, Tina photo,
Flanegan, Tina
 Forester, Troy photo,
Forester, Troy
 Garcia, Gina photo,
Garcia, Gina
 Gilmore, Kathleen         photo,
Gilmore, Kathleen
 Hargett, Genevieve photo,
Hargett, Genevieve
 Higa, Joey photo,
Higa, Joey
 Hill, Jenny photo,
Hill, Jenny
 Hodge, Vicki photo,
Hodge, Vicki
 Horner, Erica photo,
Horner, Erica
 Irwin, Cindy photo,
Irwin, Cindy
 Jen Price photo,
Jen Price
 Kleinrath, Olivia photo,
Kleinrath, Olivia
 McCabe, Kelly photo,
McCabe, Kelly
 Michael Erhorn photo,
Michael Erhorn
 Michaels, Laura photo,
Michaels, Laura
 Nevarez, Laurie photo,
Nevarez, Laurie
 Noreen McCarthy photo,
Noreen McCarthy
 Peabody, Ashley photo,
Peabody, Ashley
 Pickslay, Karlene photo,
Pickslay, Karlene
 Ringen, Renea photo,
Ringen, Renea
 Rozansky, Julie photo,
Rozansky, Julie
 Rushing, Jami photo,
Rushing, Jami
 Smothers, Shelly photo,
Smothers, Shelly
 Stepanie Gutierrez photo,
Stepanie Gutierrez
 Uribe, Jennifer photo,
Uribe, Jennifer
 Vacetti, Kaylee photo,
Vacetti, Kaylee
 Ward, Jill photo,
Ward, Jill
 Winterstein/Creighton has no photo,
Arganda Angelika photoArganda,
2nd Grade Teacher
Chambers Chambers, Kim photoChambers,
Chambers, Kim
Pinner Robin photoPinner,
Rosenfeld Christine photoRosenfeld,
Unger Kara  photoUnger,