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Reading Counts

Reading Counts Guidelines

Tests cannot be taken at home. Tests can only be taken at school.

Reading Counts will be used as a program to inspire the love of reading and encourage pupils to practice reading in grades 2 through 5.  (1st grade students may be allowed to participate as enrichment according to teacher recommendation.)  There will be no curriculum grading of Reading Counts, however, points earned will be factored into the effort grades children earn on their report cards.  Teachers will help children select the appropriate level of text, they will encourage children to practice their reading, they will provide the Reading Counts committee the titles of books that are requested as new tests to purchase, and will also report to the committee successes and concerns with the program.  Parents should be advised that our AOE website also has Reading Counts titles listed for reference. 


Grades 2 and 3 Grades 4 and 5
13+ points = Excellent   15+ points = Excellent
10-12 points = Good  12-14 points = Good
6-9 points = Satisfactory  9-11 points = Satisfactory
0-5 points = Needs Improvement  0-8 points = Needs Improvement